So, this is me! 

Okay, so this isn't really me, but I love her hair, don't you!

This is really me and my youngest son.

So, how did I come to Montessori. I left university with a good degree in music, but a little unsure as to where life was going to take me, so I did a PGCE (which, for the overseas visitors is a certificate in education) and began my life as a primary school teacher way back in 19 ...ahem...cough.

Then of course, I met the man of my dreams, and we ran off into the sunset together to live on a yacht somewhere in the South of France...well, okay we lived overlooking a Marina on the shores of the River Shannon in County Limerick for a while.

He got a new job, I got a bun in the oven and we returned to England.
One baby, no, two babies and one nearing pre-school age I realised that my ideals for education as a parent were oh so different to those I had as a childless teacher. There had to be more than SAT's and rote learning and meeting development targets.

Investigations, more moving overseas and we decided to send them to a little bilingual Montessori casa   in Brussels. Oh, how happy they were...and we were...then...oh yes, time for another move...big move this time, to the US of A. I think there was another baby in the mix there somewhere too ;-)

The Montessori School in Wilton became our school, community, home and friend for the next four and a half years and all of the children including the baby experienced such richness from this setting. Let me say one thing, if you find the right place for your child/ren, it scorches such a place in your heart that you can never truly let go.

From these wonderful directresses I yearned to find out more and more.

Back to Edinburgh this time, more Montessori and then...the journey appeared to end.

Aged 5, 7 and 10 they were all too old for any of the schools that were available to us.  However, what a start we have had and why does it have to stop here?

I am now doing MCI Montessori training and hoping to work towards creating my own little piece of The Montessori School here in order to give back to others what we have been so fortunate to receive.

So, welcome, please stick around.


Isil Simsek said...

I just came across your blog from a thread at Green Parent. Back in 2011 I asked a question about MCI and you had replied, encouraging me to go for it. Now I see you are doing the same course :) Would love to chat about the course if you don't mind :) x

rudechix said...

Hey there, I have also only just come across your blog, which is weird since I live on a diet of Montessori for my online magazine, called Child of the Universe Montessori Mag-nificence. I am based in SA and will be moving to the UK later in the year where I will teach and continue with the mag. I am hoping we can connect and collaborate! My email address is linda@childoftheuniverse.co.za
I look forward to hearing from you.
Warmest wishes from South Africa
Linda Navon
Child of the Universe