Saturday, February 2, 2008

Changing of the seasons..

Just like nature, our life at home is continually evolving and changing with the seasons. Here are some updated photos of the playroom and LMB's bedroom.

Here are our open shelves allowing access to the toys. Emphasis here is on wood and natural and also toys that are allow for open ended play.

Reading corner. Much as I really, really want to purge the books and have a small selection out at a time so as not to over stimulate; coming from a home where we had wall to wall libraries I find this task breaks me out in a cold sweat, hence there are still a plethora of books everywhere you look. I have tried hard to cull a bit. The picture on the wall is one that Master Beehive the elder did at school last year - fortunately fitting beautifully with the colour scheme!!

The "home corner".

Our somewhat depleted nature table (I have taken some of it into school!) and also geography area. The tall boxes house our growing lego collection. It is actually hard to find something just right to store the lego so it is accessible and easy to reach as well as tidy!

Moving onto the Little Miss's room:

One side of her home corner. I do believe Master Beehive the younger can be seen poking his head out!

This is the front entrance! As well as having her "home" toys in there, there are also bean bags, playsilks, manipulative toys as well as a growing herd of My Little Ponies!!

Her "care of the self" area, not too different, only we have now placed some hooks beside the mirror to hang her alice bands. I dont know where she has moved her little basket with her brush and hair accessories - one of the delights of trying to keep neat a home that houses a small tasmanian devil lol!

Hmmm....the ironing board doesn't normally live centre stage. Master Beehive the elder decided that it needed a higher vantage point!

Oh and finally, today's creation. Master Beehive the younger sporting his new apron for his chore this week as "Chef's helper"!! Craftily made out of a tea towel. This is the project I have for the class over the next few weeks so it was useful to have a willing guinea pig!


pansy said...

What lucky children to have such an environment for growing up. Am amazed at how tidy eveything is - must be the photo shots!!

aimee said...

hello! thanks for posting these pics! i discovered you because i am searching for other people that do montessori at home. i have my own little venture going with my 5 and 3 year olds, but it's slow going.... you encourage me already and i'm happy to "meet" you.