Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Baby steps

Where are we now? Week five perhaps? I'm not sure. However, it's beginning to settle. We're finding a natural rhythm to our day and I'm even finding the odd pocket of time to do my own bits.
It's interesting to have the three of them at such different stages of their natural development. Master Beehive the elder is a bookish character, quite self motivated and with a love for maths and reading. He'll happily soak up various worksheets or projects, however, he hates to get anything "wrong" and finds it hard to inspire himself to do stuff outside what he's given to do. Master Beehive the younger, however, prefers to work with manipulatives. He's more tactile and a kinaesthetic learner. He likes to be actively doing things, so the montessori materials are coming in wonderfully here for helping him with his Th, H, T and U addition at the moment and animal classification.

Little Miss Beehive, on the other hand, loves to do the work, but being younger, needs more attention. She really could do with more time on the manipulatives, but needs me sat beside her.

I'm sure that time will help this division of my time.

Last night, much to Mr Beehive's horror, I sat and made a load of bead chains. LMB and I discovered a great Hobbycraft whilst the boys were at Spanish class and we bought several bags of coloured beads and some wire. We need to go back as my bead chains are only up to 8 beads so far, but there are 10 chains of each, so hopefully we'll move on to using these fairly soon. The History timeline.

LMB learning to number values by using the addition strips from WHSmiths!!
Tomorrow we are off to the sea bird centre all being well, which ties in nicely with our animals topic and on Saturday LMB is going to make some gingerbread men. Next week we are hoping to go to the Botanic gardens for a class on "Plants we use" with a some folks from the Home Ed group.


Tamara Kidd said...

Hey there!

Wow you've REALLY inspired me!!! I was feeling a little flat about my home educating efforts, and wanting so much for that 'flutter' of Montessori inspriation! Thank you!!!!!!

Congrates on your official status of home educating.

darkgirls said...

Hi, lovely blog. My kids went to Montessori at nursery stage. I wish there were more which went right through (and that they were state funded!) They suited my kids so well.
Have you seen this site?