Monday, November 11, 2013

Education and the teenager

There is a reason to my absence...I've been writing:

I'm in this month's Green Parent Magazine where I'm discussing the benefits of the outside and education for our teens following on Montessori's writings about the Erdkind.

In the UK we seriously lack understanding of how and what our teens need to learn and do during these volatile years. Whilst I am not taking a poke at education or schools, I am saying that there is more to life for our teens than just desks and national curriculum levels and we tend to put a lot of pressure on them at the wrong time. I hope to suggest ways that we can help our teens become rounded and emotionally capable adults and not feel that exams are the be all and end all.

You'll need to cough up the dosh to read the article, which is available in WHSmiths, Boots and some supermarkets as well as healthstores around the country. It's my second article on Montessori education for The Green Parent mag and I have further ones up my sleeve for the future.

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