Sunday, June 10, 2007

Our Outdoor space

The children spend a lot of time outside, particularly in the summer, so we have tried carefully to provide lots of activities for them. They don't tend to watch much television, perhaps a movie on a weekend and maybe a little on Friday afternoon, so there is always a lot to do outside.

The sandpit!

Our climbing zone. There are trapeeze bars for the older two and a low swing for our toddler to manage too. The boys have, however, taken to a new game (adorned with bike helmets!) they leap from the slide holding the rope of the swing and land seated on the swing.............*(&(*&***!!! and you know the saying "monkey see, monkey do"???!!!

The herb garden

Our middle son's carefully tended a growing sunflower. The only remaining one of a posse of half a dozen, three died young, the other two were eaten either by rabbits or deer.

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